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Triangle of Health (TOH) believes that success in a competitive environment is best achieved through a multi-dimensional approach, addressing elements relating to: optimal athletic performance, expedited recovery and efficient injury rehabilitation.

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BMC‘Remain injury free — invest in the safest, most efficient and productive resistance training system in the world’

Evolving from the author’s personal experience as a competitive bodybuilder and his many years of committed research and testing, the Biomechanically Correct (BMC) Training System—as outlined in this 250-page book—is a completely new way of thinking about resistance training. It optimises the substantial benefits for body and mind of unilateral training: exercising one muscle on one side of the body at any one time.

Through its direct targeting of the prime moving muscle, the BMC Training System is an imperative training regime for anyone concerned to safely optimise muscle development and joint efficiency, while minimising wear and tear of body structures. In so doing, the BMC Training System moves beyond the traditional bilateral training approach, which so often sees unintended harm done to the body.


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