TOH Athlete – Peter Youssef

Gold Medal, 2012 Illawarra Grappling CupIt is with great pride that I begin the Triangle Of Health (TOH) blog by introducing athlete,Peter Youssef. Peter has utilised the service TOH provides for the past six years, loyalty that has not been unrewarded, as TOH has left no stone unturned in helping Peter achieve his goals. A dedicated and disciplined athlete, the union between TOH and Peter began with the sport of Kickboxing.

Preparation for 4 fights yielded a record of 2 wins, 1loss and 1draw. Taking some time off to start a family, Peter eventually found his true passion, Grappling. With strength and power above his weight, Peter thus far has been unstoppable, his latest competitive accomplishment show casing just how talented an athlete he truly is.

Competing at the 2012 Illawarra Grappling Cup, Peter entered the 80-90kg weight division, weighing in at 82kg, which saw him competing above his normal weight division (U/80kg). Made up of 3 disciplines, Wrestling (take downs), Grappling (No Gi) and Pankration (modified MMA), Peter competed in 6 matches, for 6 wins, earning 3 gold medals.


Peter’s current overall record with TOH