TOH: Athlete Competiton Statistics

Over the years, TOH has endeavoured to keep track of various statistics on athletes it has assisted as accurate as possible. The table below represents a sample of some of the work TOH has carried out over the years, with athletes in various sports. With a ratio of wins overwhelming losses, TOH feels its important that people realise, some times a loss is actually a win, fight No 30 on the statistics table highlighting such an example.

Professional kick boxer Steve Mckinnon, with absolutely no Mixed Martial Arts experience accepts a cage fight with a days notice. To make matters worse, Steve had not been training for the previous two weeks and was giving away almost 20kg in weight to his experienced opponent.

The true professional and warrior that Steve is, fought a valiant fight for 2(5min) rounds, for the judges to give a points decision to his opponent.

Steve and I after his MMA Fight, 2006











101/05/02Danny Abdulla “La Montage (Leichhardt)Kickboxing NationalWin
201/05/02Frank ZammitMarrickvilleKickboxingWorldWinDecision: 7 rnds
301/05/02Shane MeadsMarrickvilleKickboxingCommonwealthWin2nd rnd KO
401/06/02Steve MckinnonUSA (Texas)KickboxingPro FightWin1st rnd KO
506/07/02Bill PantazisBelmore RSLKickboxingNSWWinDecision
601/07/02Frank ZammitTown Hall (Sydney)KickboxingPro DebutLoss1st round KO
701/08/02Shane MeadsNew ZealandMuay Thai (modified) WorldWin
801/03/03Angelo KonidarisHornsby RSLKickboxingAmateurWin
901/04/03Shane Meads“La Montage (Leichhardt)KickboxingWorldWinDecision: 7 rnds
1001/08/03Bill PantazisHornsby RSLKickboxingAmateurWin
1101/08/03Frank ZammitHornsby RSLKickboxingProfessionalLoss
1229/02/04Shane MeadsStar CityKickboxingPro DebutWin2nd rnd TKO
1329/02/04Steve MckinnonStar CityKickboxingProfessionalWin 2nd rnd KO
1429/02/04Greg FoleyStar CityKickboxingProfessionalWinDecision:7 rnds
1516/04/04Greg FoleyHornsby RSLKickboxingProfessionalWinDecision: 5 rnds
1616/04/04Steve MckinnonHornsby RSLKickboxingProfessionalWin4th rnd KO
1722/05/04David HoyTown Hall (Sydney)KickboxingAmateurWinDecision: 5 rnds
1801/08/04Shane MeadsEnmore TheatreKickboxingProfessionalWin2nd rnd TKO
1901/08/04Greg FoleyEnmore Theatre KickboxingProfessionalWin2nd rnd KO
2021/08/04Shane MeadsEnmore TheatreKickboxingProfessionalWin1st rnd TKO
2103/12/04Shane MeadsBrisbaneMuay Thai (modified)ProfessionalWin2nd rnd KO
2201/02/05Steve MckinnonThailandMuay ThaiProfessionalWin4th rnd KO
2312/03/05Steve MckinnonEntertainment Centre (Sydney)KickboxingProfessionalWinDecision: 5 rnds
2420/05/05Grey FoleyBlacktown RSLBoxingProfessionalWin
2528/05/05Steve Mckinnon USA(Las Vegas) Muay ThaiProfessionalWin1st rnd KO
2621/08/05Steve MckinnonEnmore TheatreKickboxingProfessionalWin3rd rnd TKO
2705/05/06Steve Mckinnon Penrith PanthersKickboxingProfessionalWin2nd rnd TKO
2810/06/06Peter YoussefNewcastle (Panthers)KickboxingAmateurLoss3rd rnd TKO
2924/06/06Steve MckinnonNew Zealand (Trusts Stadium) K-1 Kings of Oceania ProfessionalWin2nd round TKO
3007/07/06Steve MckinnonPenrith Panthers MMA ProfessionalLossDecision: 2 rnds
3113/08/06Peter YoussefCastle Hill RSLKickboxingAmateurWinDecision: 3 rnds
3218/08/06Steve MckinnonEntertainment Centre(Sydney) Muay ThaiProfessionalLoss4th round TKO
3329/10/06Peter YoussefCastle Hill RSLMuay Thai (modified) AmateurWin Decision: 3 rnds
3418/11/06Steve MckinnonNew ZealandK-1 Kings of OceaniaProfessionalLoss2nd round KO
3522/04/07Peter YoussefCastle Hill RSLKickboxingAmateurDraw3 rnds
3609/05/10Peter YoussefFive Dock(Leisure Centre)BJJAmateurWin
3720/06/10Peter YoussefSydney University (Aquatic Centre) BJJNSW Win2 Fights
3806/11/11Peter YoussefFive Dock (Leisure Centre)No Gi Grappling AmateurWin3 Fights
3911/03/12Peter YoussefFairy Meadow(Fraternity Club) No Gi, Wrestling, PankrationAmateurWin6 Fights

TOH Athlete – Peter Youssef

Gold Medal, 2012 Illawarra Grappling CupIt is with great pride that I begin the Triangle Of Health (TOH) blog by introducing athlete,Peter Youssef. Peter has utilised the service TOH provides for the past six years, loyalty that has not been unrewarded, as TOH has left no stone unturned in helping Peter achieve his goals. A dedicated and disciplined athlete, the union between TOH and Peter began with the sport of Kickboxing.

Preparation for 4 fights yielded a record of 2 wins, 1loss and 1draw. Taking some time off to start a family, Peter eventually found his true passion, Grappling. With strength and power above his weight, Peter thus far has been unstoppable, his latest competitive accomplishment show casing just how talented an athlete he truly is.

Competing at the 2012 Illawarra Grappling Cup, Peter entered the 80-90kg weight division, weighing in at 82kg, which saw him competing above his normal weight division (U/80kg). Made up of 3 disciplines, Wrestling (take downs), Grappling (No Gi) and Pankration (modified MMA), Peter competed in 6 matches, for 6 wins, earning 3 gold medals.


Peter’s current overall record with TOH