About Us

Darren Vartikian’s passion for health and fitness began in 1988 with his burning ambition to become a professional bodybuilder. This led to an absorbing interest in the natural therapy kinesiology and, later, to a devotion to enhancing athletic performance.

With diplomas in kinesiology and fitness, Darren has combined formal education and practical experience over 28 years to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and insight into areas such as resistance training, nutrition and rehabilitation.

Darren’s experience and skills – and his penchant for enhancing athletic performance– have created opportunities for him to work with both amateur and professional athletes in various sports. His driving commitment has been to guide and educate these athletes on how to achieve a competitive edge in a safe, efficient and productive manner.

Through his business, Triangle of Health (TOH), Darren has endeavoured to outline not only the services he provides but also his philosophies about enhancing athletic performance, health, fitness and general well-being.

His personal achievements include winning, in 1993, the prestigious IFBB Mr Australia (novice class) bodybuilding title at 22 years of age, following this up with runner-up winner in 1996, creating the BMC Training System and publishing articles in magazines such as: Iron Man Bodybuilding & Fitness and Men’s Muscle & Health.

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