Cancellation Policy

The service Triangle of Health (TOH) sells to its clients is knowledge and time, making scheduled appointments important.
When making an appointment, TOH would like clients to take into consideration — the most convenient time to ensure the appointment is kept.
TOH understands sometimes there are situations in life which are unavoidable making cancellations a necessity. In this type of situation TOH appreciates the client provide adequate notice (circumstances permitting) — allowing others the opportunity to utilise the allotted time.
Failure to cancel within the specified guidelines or show up for an appointment will incur a fee.


Cancellations must be 24hrs prior to appointment or a cancellation fee will be charged.
TOH provides each client with one free short notice cancellation (Only applicable to those who ring prior to the appointment).

Cancellation Procedure

In the event an appointment needs to be rescheduled and/or cancelled, TOH requests that clients call (leave a message if necessary), text or email.

Appointment (Session Time)

Irrespective of the appointment (type), a client is expected to start and finish at the scheduled time.
A late arrival or start to an appointment only entitles the client to the remainder of the scheduled time.

Fee Table

Non attendance
(without prior notice)
Full Fee Charged
Cancellation within 24hrsFull Fee Charged
(1 free short notice pass)
Cancellation with more than
24hrs notice
No Fee Charged

*Note: Cancellation fee will represent the appointment cost that must be settled prior to commencement of the next session.

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