Coupled with common sense and experience, Triangle of Health (TOH) utilises the natural therapy kinesiology as a decision making tool in relation to: nutrition, exercise, tissue manipulation and rest — for enhancing athletic performance, rehabilitation and recovery.
The word kinesiology is simply defined as, study of muscle motion.
Kinesiology or applied kinesiology as it is also known, is a natural noninvasive therapy that functions as a biofeedback tool, relaying various information about the body and the environment it inhabits.
An accurate diagnostic and analytical therapy, kinesiology elevates the service TOH provides to another level.

What is the fundamental principle of Kinesiology?

The fundamental principle of Kinesiology views health issues relating to the body be dealt in a manner that address source rather than symptom(s).

What are the Components that create the Human Body?

Kinesiology divides the make-up of the human body into three components: structural, chemical (nutrition), and mental (emotion) – and views illness, disease, weakness or dysfunction as a repercussion to the imbalance of one or more component.

There are multiple reasons, scenarios and aspects to observe in which imbalance can occur creating dysfunction. Once a problem occurs to a single component – a domino effect to the others will ensue.

A domino effect will not only flow to other components, but also the substructures that create a component as a whole.

The structural component of the human body encompasses: muscle, joint, nerve fibre, blood vessel, organ and other tangible parts of the human body.

An example of a domino effect to a structural component:

  • Muscle related issues in the form of weakness, poor conditioning, atrophy, injury and disease —consequently create joint problems in the form of subluxation or partial dislocation, increasing the risk of nerve impingement. Nerve impingement creates interference with messages (information) sent to the brain from various parts of the body or vice versa, via the nerve fibres (communication lines), subsequently affecting optimal function.

The chemical component of the human body encompasses: food, supplement, drug, digestion, assimilation, hormone and disease.

An example of a domino effect to a chemical component:

  • Poor food choices can cause digestive problems, possibly causing allergies and intolerances that ultimately lead to poor absorption of nutrients — consequently causing malfunction of the body.

The mental component of the human body encompasses: emotion and stress that a human being registers via the five sensory organs (eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin).

An example of a domino effect to a mental component:

  • Stress of everyday living related to work, relationship, education or financial issues is registered in the brain via the sight (eyes) and/or hearing (ears) senses — information that will either secrete and/or inhibit chemicals that affect the rest of the body in a positive or negative manner.

How does TOH address component imbalance?

TOH employs solutions to various issues relating to component imbalance or weakness through: diet, nutritional supplements, exercise (aerobic/anaerobic), soft tissue manipulation and rest.

What are the Benefits of Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a quick, accurate and non-invasive alternative in diagnosing, analysing and treating health and fitness related issues.

How does Kinesiology Work?

By studying the biomechanics of the body, kinesiology is likened to a question and answer process.
Executed via manual muscle testing, kinesiology is systematic in its approach.
Manual muscle testing is created through the combined utilisation of the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems (neuromusculoskeletal system) of the body.
The nervous system functions as the communication network, sending and receiving information to and from the brain and rest of the body, while the muscular and skeletal systems are the physical structures involved in the testing process.
Communication between the brain and testing muscle is linked via nerve fibres that can be referred to as the energy circuits or communication lines.


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