TOH Nutrition Philosophy

Just like a car engine requires clean unadulterated fuel to run efficiently, Triangle of Health (TOH) recognises that proper nutrition is the nucleus for optimal function of the mind and body.

For many years TOH has manipulated the eating habits of competitive athletes, accumulating a vast amount of knowledge, experience and insight relating to nutrition.

What is nutrition? Answer: substances that are extracted from foods, found in supplements and liquids that are ― consumed for normal and proper function of the human body.

Nutrition encompasses: vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats and water — with each associated in growth, repair and recovery.

How does TOH perceive Nutrition?

Nutrition is a necessity for mental and physical function, irrespective of who you are or what you do — exponentially increasing for athletes in a competitive environment. Subtle changes in an athlete’s eating regime can be the difference between winning and losing.

Through experience TOH believes that all foods are not created equal.
Foods created or processed by man (however brilliantly marketed) in the long term fall short of the nutritious value required for optimal function.

TOH endorses the consumption of natural unadulterated whole foods for optimal physical and mental function.

TOH is also of the opinion — to achieve maximum nutritional benefit a further step must be undertaken ― stating not all whole foods are created equal — that some are far superior to others.

How are Eating Guides Formulated?

TOH formulates individual eating guides designed for optimal digestion and absorption so that the nutritional needs of the competitive athlete are met.

TOH utilises kinesiology to fine tune exact foods an athlete requires for optimal function. It also employs a common sense approach in the form of athlete feedback — via questions relating to how they feel, function and appear when certain foods are consumed. Answers to the questions become apparent and relevant after a period of dietary change.

What variables dictate the need for individual Eating Guides?

The needs of individual athletes will vary and continuously change due to: sport, goals, age, gender, size, injury and metabolism.

Some will desire power and strength, generated through increased muscle mass while others may need efficient endurance capabilities and/or compulsory weight requirements.

Speed of recovery and rehabilitation will differ between the young, old, sick, injured and/or emotionally stressed — varying nutritional needs.

Without proper nutrition, attaining optimal athletic potential is decreased substantially.

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