US Copyright: 27/4/13
Publisher: Triangle of Health
Author: Darren Vartikian
Publication Date: 31- 12 -13
ISBN: 9780978569004
Format: Paperback (perfect bound)
Size: 244 x 170 (250 pages)
RRP: $39.99

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‘Remain injury free – invest in the safest, most efficient and productive resistance training system in the world’


Evolving from the author’s personal experience as a competitive bodybuilder and his many years of committed research and testing, the Biomechanically Correct (BMC) Training System—as outlined in this 250-page book—is a completely new way of thinking about resistance training. It optimises the substantial benefits for body and mind of unilateral training: exercising one muscle on one side of the body at any one time.

Through its direct targeting of the prime moving muscle, the BMC Training System is an imperative training regime for anyone concerned to safely optimise muscle development and joint efficiency, while minimising wear and tear of body structures. In so doing, the BMC Training System moves beyond the traditional bilateral training approach, which so often sees unintended harm done to the body

Key features

  • Clear and methodical presentation of the principles, components and benefits of unilateral resistance training that:
  1. create awareness of physical functionality to help preserve mental and structural well-being and prevent injury
  2. empowers participants with the knowledge needed for peak development of body and mind
  3. breaks down natural defences often put up by those challenged to learn new things
  4. encourages participation by a wider audience—beginner and experienced athlete alike, of all ages—by removing  the stigma of intimidation and fear often associated with traditional bilateral training
  • Simple, common-sense answers to simple questions – How do I exercise a muscle in a safe and efficient manner? Why is this system so important for achieving this?
  • Series of extensively illustrated exercises for the prime moving muscle that detail step-by-step guidelines on how to execute  each so as to develop, strengthen and condition the muscle and associated structures with minimal risk of injury

BMC Training System Accessories

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