Over 28yrs of bodybuilding, Health & Fitness experience.
Diploma of Kinesiology.
Diploma of Fitness.
IFBB National Bodybuilding Champion.
Author (BMC Training System)
Freelance writer

Dedicated to health, fitness and well-being life style since 1988, Darren has accumulated a wealth of experience and insight in areas such as: resistance training, nutrition, rehabilitation and enhanced athletic performance.

Outlined in the table below are the various roles that Darren encompasses.

Sixteen years of experience as a practitioner of Kinesiology — assisting amateur & professional athletes achieve goals on a state, national and international levels in various sports.
Design and implement individualised strength & conditioning training programs.
ConsultantAdvise on the appropriate implementation (for specific goal) of training program, nutrition, etc.
NutritionistFormulate customised eating guides to meet the nutritional needs of athletes in relation to optimal athletic performance, enhanced recovery & rehabilitation.
Tactician/StrategistAdvising and implementing tactics, strategies relating to:

  • Timing of preparation (possible weigh-in for competitions),
  • Reaching optimal athletic performance for competition day (peaking),
  • Efficiency in achieving desired goals.
TherapistThrough Kinesiology – implement tissue manipulation – in a quest to heal, rehabilitate & maintain normal muscle tone.
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