Service Components

Triangle of Health (TOH) believes in providing a service solely aimed at producing positive results in a controlled, calculated and progressive manner ― ultimately laying a strong foundation for expedited progression.

The service TOH provides is broken up into various components: kinesiology analysis, training and nutrition.

Kinesiology Analysis

Utilising the therapy kinesiology, TOH carries out musculoskeletal assessment, soft tissue manipulation and nutritional analysis.

Kinesiology Analysis Recommendations

Off-SeasonMonthly1 (month)1Hour
Pre-ContestWeekly1-2 (week)1Hour
RehabilitationWeekly1-2 (week)1Hour
MaintenanceMonthly1 (1-2 months)1Hour


Training consists of structured personalised sessions catering to specific requirements. Irrespective of the sport, TOH implements a unique style of training calculated to achieve maximum benefit in an injury free manner.

Training Frequency Recommendations

Off-SeasonWeekly1-3 (week)30min/1Hour
Pre-ContestWeekly1-3 (week)30min/1Hour
Rehabilitation(as required)(as required)30min/1Hour
MaintenanceWeekly1 (1-2 weeks)30min/1Hour

Eating Guides

TOH addresses nutritional needs for competitive athletes by formulating eating guides in 3 phases, off season, pre-contest and day of competition — while issues pertaining to rehabilitation are addressed accordingly.

Off -Season: period in which an athlete is preparing for future competition.
Pre- Contest: period in which an athlete is actively preparing for competition.
Maintenance: period between competitive goals.
Rehabilitation: refers to recovery of injury.
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