Triangle of Health (TOH) believes that success in a competitive environment is best achieved through a multi-dimensional approach — addressing elements relating to: optimal athletic performance, expedited recovery and efficient injury rehabilitation.

TOH prides itself on providing a results based innovative service, one that focuses on implementing changes that work ― not current trends or myths, matching each athlete with their own unique formula for success.

For those athletes who are currently experiencing success, confidence and adhere to the old cliché, ‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’— keep one thing in mind, that a frustrating career ending injury or poor performance might be just around the corner.

What are the Benefits TOH offers Competitive Athletes?

The following are a few examples of the benefits TOH has to offer: 

  • An epicenter of information & service for the serious amateur & professional athlete.
  • Reduce frustration, worry & stress associated with competition (via a smooth & efficient preparation).
  • A holistic, lateral thinking non-generic approach to enhanced athletic performance.
  • Continued learning and education.
  • Achieve optimal athletic performance — while maintaining self-preservation.
  • Heightened self-awareness — increasing ability to recognise how the body is functioning.
  • Passionate commitment.

How does TOH achieve the Benefits it offers?

TOH recognises that the human body is continually changing and understands that changes must be addressed accordingly.

Adopting a multi-faceted approach, TOH analyses 5 key components: nutrition, exercise, soft tissue manipulation, rest and kinesiology — with each imperative as the other for optimal athletic performance.

How does TOH Gauge Progress?

TOH recognizes the importance of establishing an initial base line or starting point so that an athlete can gauge progress.

A base line represents where an athlete’s energy level, strength, skill, performance and any other athletic attributes lay — providing a source of comparable evidence of the benefits attained through TOH.

Experience has shown TOH, that some form of indicator is necessary to gauge mental and physical progress and/or results. TOH deems that the best indicators for gauging progress are: feel, function and appearance (FFA) — with all three generally occurring in that order.

When change is introduced to an individual’s exercise and/or eating regime, generally the first indicator for gauging progress occurs in the form of feeling. Feeling relates to an increase of happiness, well-being and positive attitude and/or affirmation — apparent within a week or two.

The second indicator for gauging progress is function. Function relates to improvements in physical function in the form of power, strength, endurance, speed and agility. Progress can generally be observed within a few weeks — apparent during training sessions where an athlete will notice an ability to lift greater weight during resistance training, efficient breathing during aerobic exercise and quicker recover between training sessions to name a few.

The third and longest indicator to occur for gauging progress is appearance. Physical changes such as decreased body fat, increased muscle tone and definition are generally noticeable after a few months —evident through the observation of before and after photographs and/or observing one’s self in front of a mirror. TOH highly recommends taking photos for future reference.

An important element required for an athlete to notice changes relating to: feel, function and appearance is awareness. Heightened awareness allows an athlete to gauge the most subtle of changes to the body, a skill that is acquired and refined over time through observation, experience and patience.

Why is Gauging Progress important?

Gauging progress is important as it clarifies a starting point of an end result. It also enables TOH and athlete to observe an evolution of the achieved goal — important for increasing and/or maintaining motivation and confidence.

What Experience does TOH offer?

The experience, knowledge and achievements that TOH offers spans a quarter of a century, assisting amateur and professional athletes achieve goals in various sports such as: bodybuilding, kickboxing, muay thai, brazilian jiu-jitsu, triathlons and rugby league — on local, state, national and international levels.

TOH predominately caters to competitive amateur and professional athletes, but is willing to extend its services to those young or old (male/female) who are serious about attaining goals relating to health, fitness and well-being.

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